Ubud is my jam

Our Feet on the Earth - Ubud, Indonesia

Welcome to Bali.

Day two in Ubud and I don’t ever want to leave.

Somehow I knew I would love it here, I had that sense, and just hoped that it wasn’t some lovely fantasy that would turn out to be a popped bubble. And well, let me tell you, my feeling was right.

It’s everything I have loved about other towns but more. Healthy creative food, sweet cafe’s, yoga, entreprenuers, spirituality and culture. AND, its Indonesia…hello Bali.

Right now I am sitting in our outdoor living area in my still drying bathing suit and my tie-dye dress, overlooking our small pool and listening to the screech of a gecko. Lush green plants fill every corner of the courtyard while trees drop their fragrant flowers into the pool below.

We arrived in Bali just two nights ago, slipping out of Bangkok the morning after the military coup and the announcement of the nationwide curfew. We barely made it back to our Bangkok condo by 10pm, even though we technically had 3.5 hours to get there from when we first heard about the curfew. The streets were mania. Cars jammed back to back, scooters taking ever inch of spare space and hundreds of people walking up and down the sides. There was no way we were getting a taxi. We walked for hours;  you could feel the tension in the air, the buzz of a city on edge. After walking for about two hours, getting lost a couple times, stopping at the 7-11 for a Singha, and asking about a hundred people which way to go, our Air BnB host spotted us running across a highway (seriously, in ALL of Bangkok) and we quickly jumped (crammed) in the back of her car and made it back to the apartment with all our limbs. We flew to Indonesia the next morning at 6:15am.

I am learning about life on the road. And interestingly enough the lessons are the same as at home:

Take time for what’s important. Make space for your heart. Be attentive to Mike and I’s relationship. Take care of your body. Make sure to dream. Stay aware and thankful. Take advantage of every opportunity. Rest.

What are some lessons you are learning?

Peace, Ashley.







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  1. Gillian says

    Thanks for your thoughtful post Aahley and omg a coup!!! I went through that many years ago in Sierra Leone. Quite an experience! Sounds like your hearts and souls are being nurtured and grown. Similar lessons for me about stepping out of expectations and into what my soul is truly yearning for. Stepping out of what is known and comfortable can be frightening on one level but so liberating on another. Stepping out of the grey and into the color. Enjoy the journey!
    Much love to you both

    • Our Feet on the Earth says

      Wow, I think a coup in Sierra Leone might be a bit crazier than Thailand. What an experience though. Our lessons are continual aren’t they. Always learning. Its good to be aware and learn the lessons when they come, so you can learn new ones next time. Stepping into the colour, I LOVE that. Lots of love to you!

  2. Aunt Laur says

    So fun to be shaing your travels with you, especially the Bali ones
    Balance is what I am learning xoxo