Travel New Zealand

by Ashley

Friends, it’s been a while, and A LOT has happened (including turning 29!). But, first of all, my blogs have been on hold because, tear, my computer screen cracked on our LAST day in India. The day before it happened I was celebrating that my computer “made it through India in one piece!” Dang. But with the help of my back up system and my mom-in-law, I have just recovered my pictures onto Mike’s computer.

I have so many pictures and adventures I want to share with you from India, but first I thought I would give you an update on where we are and what we are up to right now.

We arrived in New Zealand a few days ago after a 41 hour journey from Bali that included crazy long layovers and sleeping in food courts. After a couple of days of sleep and grieving over leaving Asia, we awoke to the beauty that is Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. We are staying with some generous friends Mike met a couple of years ago in their little house perched meters from the beach.

Our plan is to work for a few months, purchase a van that we will turn into a camper, then spend one month tiki-touring (NZ for road-tripping) around New Zealand. Then back home to Canada just in time for an endless Summer.

Rough, right?

Coming into 2015, and leaving Asia, we are feeling so much gratitude for the past nine months. For the adventures we have had, the beautiful and interesting people we have met, for the stories we have to tell, and for the healing, growth, and changes that have come with taking the time and space to explore.

We also know that this past year has been different for everyone and for some it has been a difficult and challenging one. To those friends we send our love and for everyone we pray this next year will be filled with the strength and courage to follow a dream.

Travel New Zealand

New Zealand Surf

Hawke's Bay New Zealand Surf

I promise I will follow with some stories of India, Bali and whatever else I wanna throw at you guys!  xox



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  1. Cheryl says

    Thanks Ash! It’s good to see the back up worked and its good to get an update.
    Can’t wait to see your blog on India and Bali. Adventures Galore!!