Design + Travel + Yoga

Hey! I’m Ashley, the face behind Our Feet on the Earth, a site that was originally created in 2014 to document my hubby Mike and I’s year of travel through South East Asia, India and New Zealand. So why the long name? Well, there’s this yoga pose called Tadasana, and a famous teacher once described it as, “Your feet on the earth and your head in the heavens.” Not only was this the stance I wanted to take for our travels, but for life.

Interweaving my passions for design and travel, this site has morphed into a visual space for creative projects and continued wanderlust. Working with like-minded individuals and teams to create brands that reflect their vision, tell stories that bring projects to life, and make only-dreamed of ideas a reality is what gets me truly stoked!

design – branding – social media content – styling